Google Earth Tour of Piney Woods Church Road


At the request of a reader, I have put together this Google Earth tour of Piney Woods Church Road. It is definitely an amateur production, but offers the reader some sense of what the Piney Woods Church landscape is like. For those interested in exploring further on your own, just search for “Goodes, GA” on Google Earth. Your resulting map will be centered precisely where this viewer’s map centers after zooming in from space. Goodes is a former crossroads community, which once contained a general store and a post office. Now all that remains is a single sign welcoming visitors.

(For those interested in seeing what the Goodes general store once looked like, there are some marvelous old photographs of its interior here. Note the store owner in the lower right photo, smoking a cigar while filling a bucket. He wiped the wooden floorboards of his store with kerosene every evening at closing. The store eventually caught fire and burned to the ground.)

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