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This site is an exploration of sense of place — of what it means to inhabit a landscape in a deep and transforming way.   What is the nature of where we live?  What mystery lies in the quotidian, the realm of the everyday?  The setting for considering these questions is the Piedmont of Georgia, southwest of Atlanta, in a region commonly called “Chattahoochee Hill Country”, in the town of Chattachoochee Hills, near the former crossroads community of Goodes.  From there, the author’s wanderings embrace middle and northern Georgia, from the Fall Line to the Blue Ridge.  A native Pennsylvanian, the writer has lived in many parts of the country, including Massachusetts (Cape Cod), Pennsylvania (Horsham Township, Montgomery County), Colorado (Fort Collins), New York (Ithaca and Syracuse, in the Finger Lakes Region and in the Ontario Lowlands, respectively), and Arizona (Tucson, in the Sonoran Desert).  The author is a livelong student and educator, with advanced degrees in Geology Environmental Science, and Education.  He works from home as an online educator at several universities.  He shares the home with a wife, along with a menagerie of mammals, reptiles, and fish (plus one spider).

Please note that all material published in this blog is copyright Clifford Blizard, unless otherwise designated, and can only be used with his permission.  Thank you.

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