Dec 302014

Today’s photograph is of a homely bit of jelly fungus growing on a stick resting on the roadbank.  The afternoon sunlight streams through it, as if illuminating it from within.  Walking the same stretch of road for so long, I come to appreciate subtle differences in shape, hue, texture.  The gelatinous feel of a jelly fungus is a tactile respite from so many branches and leaves, tendrils and thorns, grasses and stones.



  One Response to “Day 364: Light in the Jelly House”

  1. Yes, this is definitely not one of your scratchy branch-y crispy brittle teeny insect or leaf findings. Not that we needed a break from that or anything. But this oozy goozy slimy looking thing (roasted red pepper really?) is indeed a winner. Still not anything I’d want to hold in my hand, as usual with your subjects, but is something I could certainly consider wearing as a broach. Cheers!

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